Brett Young is a returning writer in Techtronica. To kick it off, Mr. Young starts by presenting some cheats for a game called “Words With Friends“. This game is, as you may guess, a word game that you can play with your friends online. It is available on Facebook, iPhone, and Android. If you are feeling naughty today, Mr. Young has you covered.
~Nazmus Shakib Khandaker

While on my trip to New York I decided to play Words With Friends, I was tired and decided to look up some cheats.

I found Lexical Word Finder. I used it and turns out it is amazing! Included in this post is a Text/Picture and a Video walkthrough and review


start game
1. First create/resume a game.


Letters and Words
Secondly find what letters and words are already in that game.


Next go to Lexical Word Finder and type in what is displayed on your board.


Click search and see the results.


Hmm.. Lets go with VASE


Lets play it!


When he/she plays fill her word in and then enter your letters!