One of the great things about being a part of a growing website like Techtronica are the small steps we’ve taken to “crawl before we walk”. One of the things we have seen in our future and we feel we have the team to now come out with weekly videos is our very own YouTube page. YouTube will enable us to have a third-party output of our posts and other stories coming from Techtronica. Remember, this is a growing side of Techtronica and we plan to post our videos from the past on our channel also to give our viewers like yourself a look back at some things we have done. We’re planning on having a weekly “rundown” of all the major topics we talk about each week here and plan to evolve from that starting point into something very innovative. Be looking out for new videos from Austin Allen, Joe Landor, myself and the entire Techtronica crew as we start our YouTube page. Also keep in mind that we have a number of social media outputs available to everyone!

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