2011 was a great year, but like all great things, it is coming to and end. YouTube compiled the best videos of 2011 and is showcasing it at YouTube.com/Rewind. It ranges from viral videos that became a tattoo of today’s pop-culture, to world events that moved many, to individual stories that shook the world. Let me highlight a few:

Viral Videos

The Nyan Cat


Rebecca Black’s “Friday” (Most viewed video on YouTube!)


Ultimate Dog Tease


Adorably Cute Videos

Cat mom hugs baby kitten


Movement that Shook Got People Noticing

It Gets Better


World Events

Raw Video: Tsunami Slams Northeast Japan


Explore for Yourself!

You don’t need us to highlight all of the videos! YouTube has made a showroom out of all of the great videos of 2011, including the top 10! Check them out yourself at YouTube.com/Rewind!