Ever notice how around the holiday times you see a sudden rise in email? Doesn’t ‘Act now and you’ll receive 40% off at this store’ or ‘buy this item and get a second item free with the purchase of that item’ get a little annoying to you after a while? Well it sure gets to me. The sad thing is that I’m not addressing Viagra-type spam email in this article. I’m talking about respected businesses we all shop from.

For about the past month I noticed that I was getting a lot of email from folks like Amazon, ALK Technologies (the folks behind Co-Pilot Live on Android and iOS) and Zinio Digital Magazines. Most of you all know at least something about these companies. At least every other day I’m getting email from them. And although I have spam filters in my Gmail account set to delete emails that have the word ‘unsubscribe’ in them (with exception to emails from Twitter, Facebook, etc.), these emails still get in. Although I’m annoyed enough at that fact, there is still one aspect that gets to me even more. Why do I only hear from companies like these around Christmas?

During any part of the year (even some other holidays) I hear nary a thing from my harassers. Maybe an occasional sale here or announcement there may come across, but why be bombarded with emails now. Yes I know most of you are saying right now that it’s because of the holidays and now is the best time to try and get people to spend more money. While yes it’s a good strategy, it’s also turning people off from them at the same time.

At this point, it’s looking a little dismal for me as I have to decide whether to set up more spam filters or choose the painstaking task of having to go through emails and click unsubscribe. I’d hate to do that as some of these companies have legitimate emails that come out, but also send out many irritating ones. Thus are the email marketing campaigns of the 21st century.

I would like to propose an ultimatum to these companies. You can send your emails out promoting your new products, announcing changes, and revealing sales, but can you please restrain yourselves from email blasting us ad nauseum? Else you will lose my client-ship forever.

I know I can’t be alone in this. If you have had any experience with this or just have comments or thoughts, use the comment box below.