Not long ago, Facebook Journalist Program Manager Vadim Lavrusik posted a link that will make many people happy. He shared with his Facebook subscribers a link that leads to the Facebook + Journalists ‘How to Stream on Facebook’ Product/Service App. Here you will find the instruction on how to set up you own live stream on your own page. To set up the service, you need to visit the app page itself (link posted on the source section below the post. But here are the instructions on how to set up a stream:







How to live stream on Facebook:


Step 1 – Create a Page

If you don’t already have a Page and you represent an organization, business, celebrity, or band, take a few minutes to create one. It’s free and easy to set up. Learn more


Step 2 – Select App

Select the Facebook live stream application you would like to use, and create an account on the Livestreamor Ustream site.


Step 3 – Add to Page

Go to the Livestream or Ustream app and select the Page(s) you want to stream events on.


Step 4 – Broadcast

Find the broadcasting app you installed on your Page, and connect the app and your video recording device to your Livestream or Ustream account. You’re ready to start streaming on your Page.


That’s pretty much it. Just head on over to the app page via the link below to set up your own stream!