One of the big things being talked about in America’s South-East is technology in schools. Well, lucky as I am I attend one of the many schools that has invested majorly into brand new technology along with a new school. As my Class will be the first to go through every “class” in the school. So, a major class to take to learn about this new technology is “Broadcasting & Video Production”. As a very “technology informed” person I jumped right to the opportunity to take the class and has ended up being able to “direct” my peers in the way of running daily news shows and overseeing the overall accomplishments as what we do as a class. Well, as I stated earlier a big part of this class is the technology behind the show and the editing of our video. Sadly not all the “necessary” parts came in until about 1 week before the 2nd Qtr. started but we’ve about got most of it down. Now, onto the most important part. Within the next upcoming day I’ll be posting some stuff on here about how we use this Technology, etc. and show you a few clips from our daily news program which will now be featuring some things from Techtronica on it. Technology in the classroom contains everything from HD Panasonic Cameras, Green Screen, and a powerful Tri-Caster. Check back Tuesday and Wednesday for more! As the week goes on I will be comparing cons and pros of the new systems in our educational labs and classrooms.

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