One of the many evolving apps in Apple’s App Store is the “VPN Once Click Professional”. When you first download the App from the App Store it prompts you with a request to subscribe for a cheap 1-Month pay of services for $0.99. So what exactly does this app do?

Well, VPN (short for what I call Very-Private-Network) allows you to bypass any and all blocked websites and content like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube on any network you’re connected to that might have a Burracuda or some other Web Filter. To start off with, this app is one of the easiest and most accessible “proxy” apps that are currently on the market. For the regular “VPN” App you must set up yourself and go through a very lengthy process just to get the App to actually work, on top of having to create an account and more. Well this app does about everything for you. The only task you must complete is to click the “Subscribe one month for $0.99” Button and click “Install” for the app to; change your settings for the app to become active, and take the 99 cents from your Apple Account.

So far I’ve tested it on my own network at home in which I blocked Facebook for 5 minutes. During that entire time I was able to access Facebook on my phone (with the app installed) but not on my computer (without the app). So far I have no “cons” to report from this useful app and look forward to start using it Monday at school. Last comment on this app would have to be it’s “Subscription Code” feature. This allows you to download the App to any Apple Device and not have to pay another $0.99 but instead adding your ID Code into the “Downloads” section.

What such a great and useful app I’ve to review. I’ll be excited to let everyone know how well it holds up Monday and the flaws that may appear throughout it’s use. I suggest you hurry up and buy it now before too many people get there hands on it! Click the logo to go straight to the App on your computer on other mobile device!

[review pros=”Cheap $0.99 Price

Quick Installation

One price for unlimited devices

Automatic Settings Change” cons=”TBD” score=100]