Yesterday Google hit a rather significant milestone in Android history. The Android Market surpassed the 10 billionth download mark and with ease. Now it hasn’t been a road of ease for the Market. I remember when it was a dark and dreary world with next to no search functionality back in ’08/’09. Now to see it maturing is something worth bringing a small tear to my eye. But be it known that the Market still has a ways to go.

Back in July, the Market hit the 6 billion mark. So to have a jump of 5 billion downloads in the span of 5 months is pretty impressive. Google has indeed confirmed that there are 1 Billion app downloads per month. So now it’s time to celebrate.

Google is now offering apps of their choosing at the fancy price of $0.10 for 10 days (which started yesterday.) So keep your eyes trained on the Android Market for goods that may be on sale.

According to BGR, here’s what’s been on sale thus far (as of 12/6/11):

  • Asphalt 6 HD
  • Color & Draw for Kids
  • Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro
  • Fieldrunners HD
  • Great Little War Game
  • Minecraft
  • Paper Camera
  • Sketchbook Mobile
  • Soundhound Infinity
  • Swiftkey X