It’s that time of year when it gets dark a little early, the temperature gets a little colder, and those hippies who wear flip flops during the summer…are still wearing them. Yes, Winter doth fast approach. And with the change of the season comes a change in attire. So long shorts. Hello long johns. So how can you use your tech gear with the change in fashion?

For the past few years, clothing and fashion companies have taken to their measuring tape and sewing machines to come up with trendy winter fashion that suits the needs of geeks, hipsters, urban folk alike. So whether you’re a texter, music savant, or one who just likes looking fashionable, Techtronica has got you covered.

We’re introducing a short review series on warm, fashionable, and tech savvy clothing accessories that you just may want stuffed in your stockings this holiday season. So don’t keep yourself out in the cold. Be on the lookout for our Winter Fashion Gear posts coming soon!

As always, if you have any suggestions for items to review email us at or just post it as a comment below!