Many of us are obsessed with our mobile devices. Leaving a device behind is like quitting an addictive medium. Much can then be said in praise of those individuals who dare to change a device platform, especially those you are addicted to. You may not believe it, but there are rare instances that a user switches from Apple’s beloved iOS platform to another less appreciated platform. Such is the case for this person at Unplggd:

The lady is switching from iPhone4 to Windows Phone Mango’s Samsung Focus S. And yes, the switch experience was horrendous. Namely, the user cannot import data from Apple’s platform to WP7 platform. And this is the reason of this rant against Microsoft. Why in holy’s name would you not provide switchers’ services Microsoft? As you may know already, not all users are tech-savvy; it remains a daunting task for average user to move all their investments in another platform to your platform. This is the primary reason why some users will never switch platform. Why not help genuine noobs on your platform to move their data over. You know that is the first thing a user will require; to move their contacts, mails and media.

Now that MS Stores are springing up all over the place, is it not time to provide additional services to users at these stores? Let people bring their devices to the stores where they can be instructed or helped. For those that cannot come to the stores, why not provide remote-access services to link to these users and help them out from a distance? As you know first impression is paramount. It spreads like wildfire. If you want to conquer the heart of the masses, you have to go all the way Microsoft. Such an enthusiasm displayed in that Unpluggd post is vital and should not be allowed to get lost by such mundane thing as data transfer. We know Apple will do its utmost best to lock-in users to their platform; therefore you should do your utmost best move user off of their platform. For every user won over to Windows Phone platform, additional 10 users are guaranteed!

[Update:] You may want to read this TheVerge forum thread if you are thinking of switching from iOS to Windows Phone platform:


[Written entirely on my Windows 8 Tablet without keyboard or mouse!]