As of yesterday, according to the U.N., the world population has now reached to a new peak of 7 billion people. What does this mean? It means there are a ton of people on this rock we call Earth. Well…a little more realistically, it means we now have more people we have to share limited resources with.

One interesting question has come up though over this new developement: What does the typical person look like?


Well The National Geographic undertook the mission to find out and came up with some interesting results. Below is a quote from the CBS News article cited below about this typical person:

The National Geographic researchers found nine million people who had the most in common. They overlayed the faces of 190,000 of them to create one image: Earth’s everyman.

“He is Han Chinese so his ethnicity is Han. He is 28 years old. He is Christian. He speaks Mandarin. He does not have a car. He does not have a bank account. I think the reaction here among our staff was, ‘Hey, I think I’ve seen this guy,'” Yarnell said.

So the search began for the man referenced in the quote above. CBS News then came across Mu Li in New York City. What’s his story? He’s from a city called Chong Qing with a population of 28 million people in China. He arrived in the U.S. 5 months ago and writes for China’s state-run newspaper, the People’s Daily.

Though Li may have the typical look now, by 2026 the population will hit 8 billion people and the typical person will be someone from India.
To find out more about Mu Li, please refer to the video above.