Today at the Apple Event, Let’s Talk iPhone, Apple talked about their new iPhone. The iPhone 4s will be more beefed up and have a better camera, 1080p! Apple said the release date for iOS 5 would be Oct.12, but you are not here for the whole event, are you? What about the 4s specs? Well, keep on reading for the specs.

Apple A5 Chip




A5 Chip:

The same A5 chip that has been in the iPad and many other Apple products, is now in the iPhone 4s. Allowing for greater performance and greater graphics for mobile gaming. 7x faster graphics to be exact.




Longer Battery:

Apple, as always, was able to squeeze a little bit more battery life out of the new 4s. With 6hrs on browsing, 9 on WiFi, 10hrs of videos and 40hrs of music.






Apple was actually able to make a phone camera that can shoot 1080p videos and photos. With better color accuracy, more uniformity, and an 8 megapixel sensor (3264×2448), it might end up being most peoples only camera.





Siri is Apple’s new app that will allow you to ask the app what the weather is, to change your meetings, or send a text. This app really does a lot of things for you. Siri will be released as a beta app as they add more languages to the app.




Other Specs:

Wireless – Being able to switch between two antennas between transmit and receive.

2x Faster Downloads – I would guess that would explain itself.


(Images stolen…I mean borrowed from Engadget.)