Well, Apple made the announcements about its next generation iPhone, namely, the iPhone 4S. It has some pretty nifty features. But what about the price? Well, whether not the new pricing is a treat is up for you to decide. Here they are:

The iPhone 4S

  • The iPhone 4S will cost starting at $199
  • 16GB devices will cost $199, 32GB devices will cost $299, and the, newly announced, 64GB devices will cost $399.
The iPods
  • The new iPods Nanos, which has a few new features, will cost $129 for the 8GB device and $149 for the 16GB device.
  • The iPod touches will be priced like the iPhones, with $199 for the 8GB model, $299 for the 32GB model, and $399 for the 64GB model.
iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS
  • Apple will continue to sell previous generations of its iPhone product line.
  • The iPhone 4 will now cost only $99 with contract
  • Amazingly, the iPhone 3GS will be absolutely free with no contract!
  • Remember that both of these devices can be upgraded to the latest iOS version, namely, iOS5.
That’s it for the pricing! Stay tuned in to Techtronica for more tech news from Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc!