Glitch: A game of giant imagination.
Glitch: A game of giant imagination.

Hello and I’m here to talk about a newly released massive multi-player game called Glitch and it is made by Tiny Sparks. I got an invite from them to test the beta stage of the game a slightly long time ago and it was really awesome. Sometimes the world is closed during beta stage. Nonetheless their features are really cool. It feels like playing FarmVille in the platforming dimension because you can pet pigs, plant your crops everywhere and hang out & chat with your friends! I haven’t been in the game for a while but it’s great game (and you can also play this on Facebook).

Glitch gameplay screenshot
Gameplay of Glitch


You can buy more than a dozens of clothes and costumes in their wardrobe, customize your face in vanity, learn some skills and other things you can do in Glitch. There are some bugs crawling around the game even though it is released to public so you can report issues on forums for detailed info on what you’ve caught.

So how much you like this game? Tell your short feedback below or send it to the game so they will be glad. Also, how did you found Glitch?