Looks like Facebook has kept their word on implementing new features on the infamous social network this week. It seems that the major changes started appearing Tuesday and on into early Wednesday morning with no apparent sign of stopping since we haven’t seen the promised major profile page redesign go online yet. Now I know we’ve all seen the subscribe button by now, but that seemed to be only the tip of the iceberg in changes to be made. Here are some changes to appear so far are:

  • New birthday notifications: Now you don’t have to go to a person’s profile to wish them well.

  • News Feed: See What Matters at the Top

  • Ticker: Join Friends in Real-Time

  • Increased resolution in photos uploaded to facebook
  • Photo display change in news feed

That’s all to be known for now but we will update the list once more changes have occurred. I’m sure Facebook has more tricks up its sleeve. So keep an eye here and on Facebook’s blog on further changes. But until then, enjoy this rendition of the Y U NO Guy meme by yours truly.