Image: Social Barrel


Looks like this was one for the record books. AMD took to silicon and secured the Guinness World Record for highest computer processor frequency. AMD used their 8-core FX CPU in the record breaking process. Unfortunately for us, there aren’t any instructions on how to overclock such a CPU. But we do know that Team AMD FX was able to to over clock the processor to 5GHz by using water and air cooling systems. Now break the previous record set at 8.308GHz, the team used liquid nitrogen to cool the CPU down further until it reached the peak frequency of 8.429Ghz. Thus the old record was broken.

Want to try and beak this record? Well you have to wait until Q4 2011 when this beast of a processor is released to the consumer populace. Just make sure you wear gloves when playing with liquid nitrogen.

Check the video below for a further look into the record-breaking process.