Recently, the US Pentagon released information to the press confirming that there had been attacks by “foreign hackers” on the US through cyberspace. Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn commented that hackers had taken information from “our most sensitive systems”. Keep in mind that this comes during a time where the Pentagon introduced a strategy for building up US cyber abilities and pointing out threats and attacks in cyberspace. While uncovering the plan, (DDS) Lynn made this comment,

“In the 21st Century, bits and bytes can be as threatening as bullets and bombs,”

Other things stated by the Deputy Defense Secretary include:

  • About 24,000 files containing Pentagon information were stolen
  • This is one of the largest attacks in US history.
  • In 2008 a foreign intelligence service intruded into classified computers
  • “We have a pretty good idea” who did it, Mr. Lynn told the Associated Press news agency.
  • “But a great deal of it concerns our most sensitive systems, including aircraft avionics, surveillance technologies, satellite communications systems, and network security protocols,” he said.

If any other information forms from this news we will post it and keep you updated!