Monday, I was helping my Youth Pastor with some work around our church when his iPhone 4 made this alert noise and was soon after followed by a message. I asked him why there were random voices coming from his iPhone and he said it came from the HeyTell App. I had been looking for an app similar to this one but could only find ones with less capability. After examining the speed and capability of the App on my YP’s iPhone to my friend’s iPad I was set on purchasing one from the App Store. So, I bought the App and I’ve carried on many conversations with people from 5 ft away, and all the way from Georgia to Texas.


Now let’s get onto the review:

HeyTell is built with many concepts for user enjoyment based communication so the Pros-Cons rating is about 50-1. The app is pretty much your mobile device “walkie talkie” so there is no more of a need to go out and by 2 way radios anymore. One of the greatest things I have encountered while using the app is its speed. My friend and I were connected to the same Wifi modem and within 2 seconds of him sending the message it was already being played on my iPhone. Another note about the time in between sending and receiving the message depends on whether or not you are using your carrier’s internet or a wifi connection. One of the thing’s I’ve personally noticed is that the speed is much greater when you are connected to wifi instead of your carrier’s internet (even when you aren’t both connected to the same wifi connection).

Quality is another excellent feature in this innovative product. Earlier, I compared the app with “walkie talkies” (2 way radios) and here is another great feature to once compare this with. Quality in your 2 way radios usually ranges from Okay-Awful. I have only experienced one type of quality with this app and that is excellent. Security wise you have 3 options which is along the lines of open, secure and closed. With open anyone can talk directly to you without a friend request. Secure (what I mostly recommend) prompts users to add you as a friend before any contact can be made.

As with most voice apps there are also “add-ons” which can do anything from say what you type to another person or change your voice. These apps price range on average are about from Free-$3.00. One of these add-ons allows you to “HeyTell” with up to 25 people in one group. This is great for small event staff that have quick internet access and can get messages to each other quickly.

Overall this is a great app for any quick message you would like to get to your friends, family, colleagues or whatever the case may be. I believe that HeyTell has went beyond and above with this communication app and I rate them a 9.5 of 10 for an overall rating.

[review pros=”Great app for any quick messages.” cons=”None” score=95]