This little guy dropped on me earlier today. The SmartStand is a convenient little gadget designed to show off your phone and to give you easy access to your phone without removing it from the stand. Made solely of silicon, this stand is sure to support any smartphone you throw its way. Don’t believe me, read the statement found on the original packaging below.

SmartStand gives you hands free access to your cell. SmartStand works with every model cell phone. SmartStand provides vertical or horizontal visual access to your calls, text, videos, emails, alarms or any message your cell has for you.

The SmartStand is a very nice accessory to go with any phone. I like the shape and the material it’s made out of. It’s not too complex, not easily damaged, and it’s very affordable.
The SmartStand is available in an array of colors and you can get your very own on Amazon here for $9.95

[review pros=”Simple design, flexible material, affordable” cons=”None” score=90]