Well I don’t know if you’ve noticed but here on Techtronica we’ve spiced up some betas for you to join. Including Google + and Pokki.

Lets start with the newest!

Test Gmail’s new look!


To test this new look navigate to the gear 

Click Mail Settings

Click Themes on on the Setting bar

Scroll to the bottom and click on one one the Preview themes


Next Beta, Pokki

Pokki mentioned in the other post is an app store for windows.

Pokki was recently released and is in beta. There is basically no instructions to get it. All you need to do is go to Pokki and download the software. There you go! Your testing Pokki.


Finnaly the one you most familiar with is being mentioned.

No download is required. Just simply head over to plus.google.com. Sometimes the sign up service might be shut down because they only let a few in at a time.

If your in good!

Otherwise wait until it opens again.