You can get iOS 5 for your self HERE for just 10.00!

First off Brett starts by showing the new app “Reminders

The picture below show the Techtronica Post To-Dos

Reminders, Check



Brett has completed a task! He’s just checked off an item!

Reminders, Check

The new iOS has a Notification Bar in it! Lets check it out!

Brett completed another task! Lets check it off before there is any duplicates!

Let see… Whats Next? Alright i’ll show the keyboard!

So your holding your iPad right side up or landscape mode.


“Almost got the G.. Ugh! Cant reach!!!!

Oh yeah, Split the keyboard!!”


Wait! Brett completed another task!

Lets mark it off!


Lets do….. Safari Features.

The new feature “Reader” Gathers the Body text and removes the clutter, Not that there is clutter on Techtronica!

Now without reader you most likely zoomed in, but that didnt help either. So lets screen shot that

“iOS5 is currently being developed at the writing of this pos”. UGH *scroll*


Hey! No sidebar! Hey no Header! “I’m a big reader now” He He. Get it big READER now. Reader is the pro- You know what forget it.

Any how. I want to read this later.

Now when I open it up on my iPod running iOS 5 it will be there!

Safari Features is finished… let me check it off

There is a new tab in the app store like the android market, Purchased. The new tab makes it easier to see and find your apps


Now with the new OS you can Tweet any Safari Page, Photo, or Youtube Video

Lets try a pic first

Now Lets Tweet it.

Now the finished product!

Well thats me using iOS 5 on the iPad.

Now its your turn to get it for you iDevice.