Earlier this evening, I was able to get my hands on a rare invite to Google+ thanks to an individual in an Android Police comment thread on Facebook. So I took fast to Chrome to check out this new Google marvel and this is what I was greeted with:

Google+ landing page after logging in

Google+ has a very polished landing page with links leading you to invite friends to the experience among other functions. Personally, I love the simplicity Google designed the site with. It’s not hard to find anything at all. But of course + has just been rolled out, so who knows what can happen. After all this is Google we’re talking about here, right?

The Photos section on Google+

The photo area is another work of simplicity. All you do is throw up your photos. You have the options to tag them, title them, and comment on them as well. According to the sidebar on the left-hand side, you can distinguish where photos come from with categories.

The ever so popular Circles page

Here is where things get interesting. Since the taking of the screenshot above, I have added more friends to my Circles. You can add friends to different categories according to your relationship with them. This is better than Facebook where you’re basically forced to group all your friends together.

This is the profile page

Hopefully when you get into Google+, your profile page won’t stay like this. I’ll get to customizing this later. This page is what will distinguish you from all the other + users.Here people can learn a little about you by looking at your bio, check to see what you last +1’d and what you recently Buzz’d. Of course you’ll be able to see what the particular posted on their account in the way of statuses.

Well that was just a small taste of what Google+ looks like. We’d like to hear about your experience on the site if you were able to get in. As a little seasoning, Google+ has been labeled as the Facebook killer. Do you agree with that? As always, leave your comments below!