iOS 5 is currently being developed at the writing of this post. So those of you reading this post in the future, disregard false information that you may or may not see below. It’s not guaranteed that all the features introduced so far will make it to the final version of iOS 5.  But let’s take a look at what Apple has been up to:

Whats New!

  1. Notifications pop up while playing a game. For EX (see pic below

2. Swipe Down Notification bar regardless of what your doing (pic below)

3.Lock Screen now includes notifications right on the screen (pic) If you swipe the notification it brings you right to the message/notification

4. New App like iBooks but with magazines called “News Stand”. With News Stand you can buy subscriptions to the hottest magazines or newspaper! Mags and Newspapers updated Daily!

5. New “To Do” App built in the iOS devices that syncs accross iCal and Outlook. With a Alert on arrival or depart. Ex: You arrive at home, It reminds you to start the dishwasher or when you leave it reminds you to take Route 1 exit 25 not 26.

6. Quick Tweet feature from a Safari Page, Photo, or a Youtube Video!

7. Safari contains tons of new feutures

1. New Reader clears all clutter on the page and zooms in on the body and makes the text size just perfect.

2. New “Read Later” Option syncs across all your iOS devices so you can view that page at any time.

3. Safari has tabs and is faster!

8. Ever had a time where something happens and you wanna get a pic or video of it without running out of time waiting for your device to load? Well now you can with the quick pic button on the lockscreen!

9. With iOS 5 you can edit your pictures ANYWHERE! With Cropping and Red Eye Removal!!!!

10. Mail has 2 new features that include splitting the iPad’s keyboard so your fingers can reach the keys!

1.Rich Text Editing

2. Split keyboard so fingers can reach keys while holding

11. Viewing you iPad on your TV with no cables is perfect for showing relatives or friends photos without having everyone crowd around you.

12. The new Game Center now lets you customize your profile with a photo making it easier to find friends.

13. TEXTING WITHOUT DOWNLOADING! Now on the iPad and iPod Touch you can text without downloading any app!

14. Buying a new iPod Touch or an iPad? Well you dont need a computer to set it up with! Set the device up on the device. If you have a computer your can Wi-Fi sync with your iTunes on the computer without plugging it in!

Well that’s iOS 5 for ya! Click the pictures to see the full pic. It cut it off in the post.