After abit of a delay and confusion, the first major update for the Nintendo 3DS is now live and ready to be downloaded. When you turn on your 3DS you will get a prompt and a notification. You can download via the notification.After abit of delay, Nintendo have pushed out their update for the 3DS and made the eShop Live.

Below is the following additions to the 3DS via the update. Also everyone will be treated with a free download of the ’3D Classic’ Excitebike for limited time until July 7th. You can also pick up Pokédex 3D for free too.

-Nintendo eShop

-Internet Browser

-Transfer functionality to move DSiWare from DSi/DSi XL to the Nintendo 3DS System

-Automatic System Updates

-Improved stability and overall performance of the overall system

It is nice to note the features but also some players have been having issues with Ridge Racer after the new update. If you are having these issues, do not fret. They are known by Nintendo and will be addressed in an upcoming Update.

When the update had installed on my 3DS I straight away went to check out the new web browser and to my surprise nothing was really new, just a new UI (which is kinda ok). The only new thing I found was HTML 5 support. Let’s just hope Nintendo add more support for web video playback and other stuff out there in the near future.

After checking out the web browser I went and explored the eShop. You can download you previous DSi Ware Software with ease and see whats out in store for the 3DS and watch game trailers.. In addition Nintendo have added Virtual console to the Shop, which alot of us have been waiting for them to add. Super Mario Land, Tennis and Allyway are the first 3 to be added to the games you can get. Hopefully Nintendo will make the 3DS virtual console page like the Wii one, which the different consoles and game company’s to browse through.

That most of what I can talk about as the rest of the update was Improved stability and performance. I will be bring you and review of Excitebike and Pokédex 3D later this week.

With the Nintendo 3DS update out the way, all we need now is to see what Nintendo has for us later today a E3. I know I’m exited, are you?