As an American (The one where we actually play with footballs) football fan I am very excited to be composing this post. EA Sports is edging closer to the release of their newest edition of NCAA Football known as “NCAA Football 12”.  New features like being able to customize your conference, where playoff games are played, which conferences play different bowl games and many more exciting features.

Some other exciting features in Dynasty mode is now being able to control what you coach. You can choose what position  to take like Head Coach, Offensive Coach, Defensive Coach. Once choosing the position you will then be given a list of goals for the season. You can see the Dynasty Preview by clicking here.

Just from this small bit of information I’d say we have an excellent game to look forward to.

Also, I know some of you may have looked at the picture above and thought to yourself, “What does this have to do with the new release?” Well, this is (in my opinion and religion) the best ACC team out there. To Hell With Georgia and Go Jackets!