After searching for some good adventure games, I’ve found an amazing RPG engine. Spiral Knights is free, easy, and a heck of a lot of fun. This game is built around the idea of a massive Co-Op world. At first, you start off by customizing your character. There are limited customization options, including color, helmet, and some preset styles. You choose a name, and viola! You enter a small 3D spawn world. There are no other players here, it’s just you and the mountainous environment. With some quick dialogue, you start down a path and start to learn the basics. When you enter the first world, however, things get more complicated, and more awesome.

The world changes, and along with it comes a mass of other players. You pass them while exploring a small area, but you can also learn quite a bit and get some more dialogue in. The storyline is well thought out, with some side-adventures and backstories awaiting you. However, I won’t give away any of it here; you will just have to see for yourself. Spiral Knights is created by Three Rings, an independent game company with an experienced history; be sure to visit their website ( to browse their older RPGs.

Spiral Knights goes by its own currency, “crowns.” You collect them throughout the game to purchase a wide variety of weapons and recipes. Whenever you enter a world, you join a 4-person party to explore with; you then battle enemies, find keys, and collect treasures. Crystals are also a vital resource in the game, as you use them, along with the hundreds of other players, to unlock more levels in the “Clockworks,” the machinery that generates the levels based on the deposited crystals.

Play the game to learn more!

A little information for you:

– Spiral Knights was released April 4th, 2011.

– People from other games are currently participating in the game.

– Spiral Knights was in development for nearly four years.

– Spiral Knights has facebook, twitter, and youtube accounts.

– Spiral Knights is also capable of connection with facebook.

I encourage all of you to check out this amazing game.

~ Carson Wilber