Check out the video of the Windows 8 Welcome Screen here!

There has been a rumor for a long time that Microsoft is planning to implement the Metro UI, the UI used in Windows Phone 7, in Windows 8. Well, we have seen the first clear view of this new UI in the Windows 8 Welcome screen video that has been leaked on the Internet. Notice how the UI elements are much larger. It seems that Microsoft is trying to optimize the user interface for touch. In the welcome screen we can a large clock, and the font there is the same font used in Windows Phone 7.

If you didn’t already know, Windows 8 is also said to have Windows Live integration, and the user profile appears on the right side of the taskbar. I like how we seem to be able to instantly switch users by clicking on that user profile thumbnail in the taskbar!

Also notice that switching languages is quite intuitive and the interface for it looks very clean!

What are your thoughts about the new welcome screen. Will you embrace the new UI or do you prefer the current user interface?