You knew this was coming.  Yes I know this video is nothing new by know, but this is the best I could do since I forgot to do it last Friday. I can hear all the flamers now. And yes I would agree with them on how the video is overall just bad. But can’t we all, you know, just get along?

The video, overall, was shot very well. It’s just that fact that they auto-tuned the crap out of her voice. Granted that her voice wasn’t very good to begin with. Just adding voice enhancing technology to it didn’t make it any better. [Enter weird comparison to Lil’ Wayne here.] then you throw on the random rapper guy in the middle of the video. Everyone all over the world went in unison, “Who is that guy?”

But enough of my ranting. If you haven’t seen the video yet, then I must ask you were you were while 50 million+ other people were watching it?

UPDATE: The official music video has been pulled from YouTube as of 3/29/11

UPDATE: The video is back.