It’s contest time again! This time we want to see what you’ve got. Nothing talent wise or anything, we just want to know what kind of work space you deal with on a daily basis.  I’ve seen some pretty cool workspaces on Lifehacker and the Lockergnome Q&A. So I’d thought it would be cool to see what workspaces our viewers use. As an example, you see my workspace in my home office/room. It’s nothing too special, but it helps get all of my tasks done throughout the day.

My workspace
The Contest

So now for the contest portion. There will be several categories we’ll be looking. There will be most creative, most colorful, most organized, most techno-savvy, and of course the best looking workspace. All except for the best looking workspace will be picked by a board of judges. The best looking workspace will be left up to you, the viewers, to pick.

So…How Do I Enter/Submit?

Ok so to submit an entry, make sure you take a picture of your workspace first! Then all you have to do is go to the area towards the bottom where you would normally submit a comment. Just below the text box, you will see a plus sign next to the word image. Click it and you will be able to upload your entry. Just note that you have to leave some sort of text comment in the text box in order for your submission/comment to go through.

Now in order to vote, all you have to do is leave a comment mentioning the users’ username who submitted an entry, what category you’re nominating them for, and a +1 as a symbol of your vote. That’s it!

Anything Else?

Just note that you can submit more than one entry, but make sure the workspace is either yours or that it’s one that you use. Each entry can be considered for one category or multiple categories. Also make sure your image is a good size so we can see detail. Try not to vote for your own entries to be fair.

The Prizes?

For prizes, we’re looking to give away several apps from the Apple iTunes App Store. I know that when this was done before, our international viewers weren’t able to redeem gift codes for apps since Techtronica is based in the U.S. So it seems that U.S. viewers will be getting apps as prizes. International viewers, you will get a free Ad spot on Techtronica for life if you place 1st in any given category. Here is the order for prizes if you live within the confines of the U.S.:

Most creative workspace: 1st place-Tiny Wings (iPhone/iPod Touch)

Most colorful workspace: 1st place-Angry Birds (iPad 1&2/iPhone/iPod Touch)

Most organized workspace: 1st place-Angry Birds Rio (iPad 1&2/iPhone/iPod Touch)

Most techno-savvy workspace: 1st place-Archetype or Archetype HD (iPad 1&2/iPhone/iPod Touch)

The best looking workspace: Grand Prize- Infinity Blade (iPad)

NOTE: All apps mentioned can be swapped out for an app of equal or lesser value if category winner decides to do so. Prizes are only available for those who place first in their category.

Ok, that’s it! Get to it! If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you. As a note, some users have given me their entries in advance, so I will be putting their submissions up for then along with their username. I am not officially in this contest so don’t vote for me.

The contest starts April 1 and will end April 30. The winners will be chosen the following week.