This April fools day I have decided to cover what several sites are going to do this April 1st.

Let’s begin with YouTube:

To start off , the biggest change that caused twitter to explode early Friday morning was the new logo. The logo was YouTube’s logo had it been in 1911.


The second biggest change, that wasn’t talked about a lot, was what they did with the videos. They added a button that was light brown and when you pushed it it muted the sound, turned the video black and white, and played silent film style music. So while you were watching the video you had a sort of feeling that you were transported back to the 1900’s.


As more websites begin to get on to the boat for April fools day I will edit this post to add those sites. If by chance more sites do not do anything for April fools then this post will be the final version. I guess we will wait and see and I hope that you will wait with me. With that I hope that you guys have a great April (fools) 1st and hope that you are successful in your joke endeavors.

(If you find a joke that I might miss then please post it in the comments or email me. Thanks.)