Thanks to WilsonTech1 (Twitter, YouTube) I have stumbled upon yet another bad YouTube video. This echoes the same vibes felt while watching Rebecca Black’s Friday video. this one even comes complete with a bunch of under aged kids and some random rapper (at least this one has a name.)

We’re still reeling fro the aftermath of the whole “Friday” ordeal and yet we have to deal with another train wreck of a video. Think it’s just me talking negatively about this one? Then talk to the over 2.5 million people who have seen this video (and over 9,000 people who have dared to press the dislike button.)

The who premise of the song is about an 11 year old girl sining about her dream jeans and everyone else who’s styling them like her. As for the rapper, he’s better than the one featured in “Friday” and also comes with a Blackberry and a right hand man.

It seems that “Friday” has some competition with “My Jeans” for the worst video to hit the web. So what do you think?

Hurry up and watch the video before you get swagger jacked!