Huzzah! Happy birthday to Twitter (which ended about 10 minutes ago at the time this post was written, 12:10AM EST)! I know, I’m a little late on the jubilation, but what does it matter? Twitter is now 5 years old!

Yes the social media micro-blogging giant has, in fact, chalked another year up of its existence. Right now Twitter is hanging on to 190+ million users with more coming in daily. That’s a far cry from where it was back in the olden days.  There was one question on many people’s minds today. What was the first tweet?

Well the UK’s The Guardian was able to derive an answer about who wrote it. According to their post, Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey was the one to send the first tweet. To find out what it was, I headed over to Dorsey’s account (@jack) to see. The tweet simply said,

just setting up my twttr

And there you have it folks. History was made.

Today, Twitter sits high and looks low with billions of tweets coming and going everyday. And for the forseable future, Twitter doesn’t have much in competition…for now.

Anyway, happy birthday Twitter! may your tweets forever be abundant and your Fail Whale far and distant from our screens.