Today I am going to review a program called Predator, I saw it a while back when I had Linux on my laptop, it is only for Windows, so now I got Windows and finally got the program. The software is basically you key a flash drive so it can be used to lock/unlock a computer. The good thing about this program is you can have many flash drives keyed to one computer or one flash drive paired to many computers. I could see this program being used in a work scene, with each person having their flash drive keyed to their computer and then the manager having one keyed to all the computers.


I downloaded the program and installed it. When it finished and ran, it wanted a password so if you lost the drive you could get back into the computer. Then it went through some settings like when it scans for the drive, what to do when it unlocks and the lockdown mode. After getting this set up, it has some other options that are only availble in the pro version which is 30$, like when someone tried to get in with a wrong password it could send a twitter message or one to the direct person. When I got done with the settings I tried it, I removed the flash drive and within a few seconds it had seen that the drive was removed and it went into lock mode. I put it back in and instantly it unlocked and showed me a log of where i locked it and removed it with the drive. Then my sister came into my room and I removed the drive, and a bit longer it locked, then I had her to try and log in with the password and it did the alarm and then I logged in with the drive and it showed me that she tried to get in.


I like this program and recomend it to anyone who will be taking their computer many places or in an open area. I have a feeling I will be using this alot. I just wish it had one option, to take a picture with the webcam when someone unlocks it either way, so you could easily see who has been on the computer.


[review pros=”Easy to set up, easy to work with, great for multiple computers” cons=”Slows things down a bit when scanning more often” score=95]