Gnomeo & Juliet, a love story. One based off of a classic tradgedy that is far well known for the death and suspense that captures the audience. Unfortunately Death isn’t part of the the equation in Gnomeo & Juliet.

Gnomeo & Juliet starts out like a lot of movies, with a foresetting that shows the basis of the story is, which in this case being, Romeo and Juliet, the classic Shakesphere tradgedy based on love, death and compromise! Anyways, to the point. And I make this short and sweet. Gnomeo & Juliet was a good movie. Infact I would classify this movie as great. It outlined a corny story with some very mature humor, and some comedy that was easy to understand, and simple. The story writters ability to push across a message was very clear in the ending. It was happy, and good.

For an out of 10 M.R.’s* rating, I would give it a 9.8. 9.8 M.R.’s is a good rating for the fact that the movie is easy to follow, fairly enjoyable, and very comedic in the simplist sense. I loved the movie and would recommend to most everyone.


*M.R.’s is a rating system to be used by Techtronica Movie Reviewers. 10 M.R.’s being the highest rating, and 1 M.R.’s being the lowest.