I found out about this app the other night when my dad informed me about hearing about some sort of TV app for my”ibook” (yes, that is a direct quote from him.) So I took it upon myself to see what he was talking about.

I headed to the App store on my iPad and downloaded the TWCable TV app. First I was presented with a login screen to get to the goods. In order to do that you have to sign up for a Time Warner Cable account if you don’t already have one. It took only a few minutes for me. Once you get in, you are presented with a list of select channels that come along with whatever package you are subscribed to with TWC. In case you haven’t figured by now, you MUST be a subscriber to one of the qualifying cable TV packages with Time Warner Cable in order to use this app.

As the app stands right now, not all of the 32 noted channels are present(I count 31 channels available in the app at the writing of this article so it’s unknown if all are working.) Time Warner Cable is dealing with some bandwidth/server issues on their end and not to mention fussing from the different networks they provide for their viewers. So only about half the channels are available (no longer true.)

The app itself is very simple. Once finally past the login screen, you are presented with a guide-like list of channels which show what’s currently live on that channel as well as what’s coming up next. There is also a channel history. All of this works on your home Wi-Fi network.

I find this app very useful, especially when I don’t want to plant myself in front of my TV in order to watch it. I can take it up into my bed or even out to the backyard to catch some rays and some tube. Of course, this app isn’t without it’s faults. Check the rating chart below for the final analysis.

[review pros=”Very simple design. For the most part, no buffering issues with the channel streams.” cons=”No full screen option. No in-stream volume controls. Cannot use app outside of home network. More features would be nice” score=80]

All in all it’s a decent app. I’m just hoping for some more features. Possibly even social media integration. Right now what bugs me the most is the home only network use. As a paying subscriber, my family and I should be able to watch our paid content wherever and when ever we want. While one out of two isn’t bad. The former would provide more convenience.