About: MC Central is a website where we add(manually) all minecraft information goes though. Instead of going to places like Word Of Notch and LOADS of clan websites for information, you can just come to a centralized place. We plan on creating a massive community with everyone adding what they want to the site. We do not decide what goes on there, You do. There will be polls and prizes for people and a 24/7 Server for everyone to join. There is also a forum (like this) on the site so you can share and experience peoples ideas and thoughts. The site is running on WordPress (Anything better?) and we have a PHPBB forums. Basicly our forums is running on the same software as this current forum.

How are we different: We are different to most other sites and there main goal is very compact and non-expansive. As in places like: And are limited to reporting about Servers and New updates from minecraft, But we cover everything like: News, Downloads, Videos, Pictures, Fan Sites, Servers, Clan Sites, And really anything to-do with minecraft.

Our sinister plans: We personally as a community don’t like searching the internet trying to find something new about minecraft.That is why we have made this site. To keep everything new to minecraft on here. Every time Notch makes a post on WON or a new Clan has emerged we want to give everyone a chance to see it.

Won’t This stop people from going to other sites? Nope, In fact we insist that once you read a new post and you like it to actually check it out from the original website. We would hate to see other people hate us because we make less visitors go to there site. We will link EVERYTHING to it’s original source.

Breach of copyright: If there is delicate information on a website that we are not allowed to see then it should be protected. But if there is something accidently released then please contact us

Other Stuff that you have: We don’t want to leave anything behind, (feature wise) We already plan to make a custom IRC Service wih UnrealIRCd and anope. We hope to use the best for everything. If there is any other feature you want to be added in then tell us. We want to keep you happy!. We also have a YouTube Channel but we don’t know what to video yet. Got a idea?

Staff: We currently have 3 person staff on here and this project is about 3 and half weeks so forgive us if the site seems disappointing at first. We are moving over to I.P Boards so that should help a bit. Current Staff members:

* Daniel K (Owner, Head Administrator)
* Charie T ( Administrator, Content Director)
* Joe R ( Administrator, (Weird Guy) )

If you need to personally contact me then please e-mail

We are Centralizing the planet of Minecraft.

© Mc Central and Mojang Specifications. :D


Also, We kinda need some more staff. Care to help?