I know one thing that people, more or less gamers think about when it comes to computers is building the perfect rig. Though it often is hard to build the perfect computer rig when the parts you want, may not necessarily be available when you build it. In this post, I will list a few tips on building an affordable, but quality computer.

When building a computer people often think that the most expensive parts are the best ones. This is not true. There are a lot of companies that make quality products that are not going to cost an arm and a leg to buy them. Companies like Xigmatek, G-Skill, and ASUS often offer quality computer parts at a reasonable price. The computer I am building uses a Xigmatek case that is a tool-less case, and it is rather nice. Though some things on it could be improved, it suits the purpose I bought it for, and that is to house a motherboard, and to server as my server tower.

G-Skill is a producer of RAM memory for desktop computers and laptops, and are fairly repitable. G-Skill is also well priced in the fact that it doesn’t cost too much to get 8GB of RAM, or even 16GB of RAM. Though some people have had a few problems with G-Skill RAM, the overall rating and price is definately worth it in the long run.

ASUS is a fairly common brand, and known for exceptional quality. As of recent though, they have been known for some relatively affordable motherboards the are on level with other more expensive brands. My experience with ASUS has been pretty good, and I have few compaints.

For graphics processing, I choose either PowerColor AMD Graphics cards, or Sapphire AMD Graphics Cards. The overall quality and rating of these graphics cards is amazing. Their ability to run at the highest levels, and still stay fairly cool is definately a spectical too see. Even with overclocking, the AMD Graphics Cards perform well, and stay cool. Support like for EyeFinity, 3D, and DirectX11 makes them a choice for most gamers. Though nVidia makes a few good graphics cards, my experience has seen their quality declining as of late.

For everything else, SeaGate or Western Digital are the ways to go in terms of Hard Drives. The level of quality of both brands is good, and they usually last a long time. There are other things you can get like networking cards, for which I would recommend Rosewell. There are great parts and companies out there, but if you are looking for performance for the money, the brands I’ve listed are definately the way to go. They are affordable, perform well, and last. Next time you are looking at building a custom PC, and don’t want to spend a lot, come back to this post and choose these brands.