I’ve had this case since mid-November and I have to say that this case is truly one to beat. By looking at it and touching it, you see just how professional this case really is. The case is encased in beautiful black suede with neatly stitched rivets to hold it together with the inner materials of the case. Open up the case and you are presented with a nice felt-like material that supports the back of your iPad after you secure it in with the elastic straps and sturdy lips. There are enough pockets on the inner left side of the case to store some important documents, business cards, or even some loose change.

My Opinion

The case is very elegant and professional looking. Sturdy from top to bottom and even offers cushioned protection for the front and back of the iPad inside (trust me, I’ve dropped my iPad a couple of times and this case was a life saver.) My only real issue is the fact that the case can (and sometimes does) cover up the mic, lock switch, and speakers on the iPad. Other than that, I love this case.

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The Bottom Line

[review pros=”Good protection,professional look,solid design” cons=”Case covers some iPad parts” score=90]