Special thanks to Mivizu & Tech Cores for this opportunity

Just yesterday, I got my hands on a new case (which happens to be my first) for my Verizon iPhone 4. And this one joins the ranks amongst the best of them. I introduce to you the Verizon iPhone 4 Sleek Leather White Croc case.

The video above, for the most part, covers the different features that the case has to offer. For the sake of those who do not wish to watch the review video, I’ll do a quick run-through.

The case is of a unique and sleek leather origin with an air jet textured crocodile skin pattern. Coating the inside the case, there is a felt-like material with a hard plastic support system separating the leather and the inner case material in the main housing on the case. The case cover is of a similar nature, but instead of tough plastic like in the main housing, there is cushioning behind the leather exterior and plastic to protect the screen of your iPhone 4.

Here’s a list of some features from the Mivizu product page for this case

  • Resistant to tears, scuffs and abrasions
  • UV Radiation resistant
  • Stress Crack resistant
  • Stain resistant and waterproof

The case was designed to be very minimal in mass to avoid the extra bulk issue. It’s very smooth and sleek and is very attractive. If you’re not careful, you might be mistaken for a high roller ;)

My Opinion

If you’re in the market looking for a stylish case to either match your lifestyle or to just look cool, than look no further than the Mivizu Verizon iPhone 4 Sleek Leather Case. However, be prepared to pay out a little more than what you usually would for an iPhone 4 case. Leather doesn’t come cheap these days.

The case is available in black, white, and red for $49 on Mivizu’s website. Click for the AT&T case or the Verizon version of the case.

The Bottom Line

[review pros=”Very minimal and sleek case. Good protection for drops, shocks, and water hazards. UV protected too. Phone wont slip out easily if at all.” cons=”Costs a little more than other cases because of materials and design” score=80]

Again, special thanks to Mivizu for sending the case and for Tech Cores providing the opportunity. Make sure you support these good people and visit their sites.

An Extra Treat

Since you are still here reading this post, I have included some pictures of the particular case I received to review.