Rango rango rango…. Where do I start is the beginning of this test movie review for Techtronica.

I love watching movies. Movies envelop the dream of America and the world for action, that last standing hero, that seat gripping suspense, the tear jerking death. I for one am a critic of movies. Some movies good, some not so good. Good movies now days seem to be harder and harder to find. So, I find myself plowing through movie listings looking for something that looks half way decent, that maybe it is worth the $8.00 it costs for me to see one here in the small town of 2200 in western Wyoming.

Here in my small town, we are lucky to get the movies on opening day that we do. We recently got Rango, a movie about an essentric lizard who found himself in the mojave desert with no water after being thrown out of the vehicle he was traveling in. Rango takes a lot to get to the point. I can hardly say the beginning is anything but amusing, with a few comedic parts here and there. I found myself wondering if it was the movie I had paid to see. The movie takes about 15-25 minutes to get to the point or the true story for the movie. What seems to pull you in is the song birds playing like a mariachi band depicting the story to be.

After getting to the point where the movie is starting to look like the movie you paid to see, you encounter one of the main characters, another lizard by the name of Miss Bean, and the plot sort o goes stale at that point. It remains stale right about to the time where Rango is faced with his first challenge which happens to be a bird. I won’t give it away, but lets just say it is your generic chase scene with a rather common cartoon ending to it.

After the part with the bird, Rango meets the Mayor of the town which is incidentally called Dirt, Rango become the Sheriff of Dirt, and the story seems to pull itself back together. I was hardly amused, and was only entertained still by the birds telling the background to the story. Though I hardly found myself laughing, a few comedic parts did manage to slip in with some notice. To sum up the story, Rango saves the town, gets the girl, and lives happily ever after. Hardly any different than any other animated movie I’ve seen. The story still lacks major things that would set it apart from other movies of the sort, and still has many character flaws and often takes too long to get to the point. I would say the only saving grace of the movie is the song birds who as I have said, fill in the background image of the movie.

Overall, the movie was par. It wasn’t terrible because I have seen far worse, but it wasn’t great because I have seen many great movies, many of them classic disney films that sparked imagination in my generation. Other Great movies being AVATAR, TRON, and a few others. I honestly would say if you are looking for a decent movie to fill a time slot in your life than Rango is worth the money because it does seem to hold the audience’s attention long enough to keep them entertained and still watching.

If I was to rate this movie out of 10 I would give it a 6.5. I would hardly say it is great, and like I said it isn’t totally bad but definately has some things that could most definately be improved on.