Satoru Iwata began the Nintendo GDC ’11 press conference off by telling his 25 years as a game developer and what the industry is now. Iwata then announced Netflix streaming on the 3DS that can be paused and played on Wii or 3DS. A universal service similar to Airplay for iOS devices. Nintendo did not just announce Netflix’s thousands of movies and TV shows in 2D but, you’ll be able to watch 3D compatible movies and shows right on the 3DS in full glasses-free 3D.

Reggie Fils-Aime took the stage later to announce 3D video recording coming at a later date via a firmware update. This would allow you to upload 3D video to YouTube and use YouTube’s 3D beta service. 2D video will also be an option.

Reggie Fils-Aime then spoke about a partnership between Nintendo and AT&T. Nintendo has been looking into 3G cellular data connectivity for quite sometime now for the 3DS. Even though this won’t be a 3G data plan, AT&T will supply over 10,000 FREE Wi-Fi hotspots around the country at restaurants, airports, malls, etc. These will allow 3DS’ to automatically connect to the Wi-Fi spots without the user having to do a thing and it will game internet access for web-browsing, eShop access, game demos, DLC, trailers, and more. This is a great partnership and be very useful for many 3DS travelers.

Reggie added more details about the eShop’s virtual console. Previously it was only known to host and allow downloads of Gameboy and Gameboy Color but, today they announced the virtual console will provide classic titles from Gamegear and Turbo Turbografx games. Nintendo also included 3D classics for old games to be enhanced with amazing 3D visuals. More details will be given at a later date.

Nintendo had a great press conference and 3DS is on its way this month. 3DS is aiming for a March 27th release date at the price of $249.99 U.S dollars. Pre-order if you plan to get one because they will most likely sell fast.