Today at GDC ’11 Nintendo held a press conference to announce new North America 3DS services and features along with new games. This article will specifically cover the 3DS game details. Near the end of the press conference Satoru Iwata gave further details on when eager gamers can expect to play a revamped version of one of the world’s most honorable games. Satoru Iwata said that The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time 3D will be out in the June of 2011 for the 3DS. This remake of the original Nintendo 64 game has revamped graphics, high resolution textures, glasses-free 3D visuals, and much more.

After that announcement Satoru Iwata gave the load down on a brand new 3D platforming Super Mario game. Currently titled “Super Mario 3D” (Working title), this game will be developed by the same team behind the Mario Galaxy series on Wii. Remember Super Mario Galaxy 2 has been awarded several 10/10 ratings from press like Gamespot and IGN. You can bet that this game will be a warm welcome to the 3DS game library. Satoru Iwata stated to expect more details at E3 2011 in June.