Japanese media corporation the Nikkei has reported that Nintendo was able to ship 400,000 3DS units out to shelves on Saturday for launch day. Within hours all 400,000 units were taken to consumer’s homes to enjoy personal glasses-free 3D. Most retailers were pre-order only but, for the ones that weren’t there were hundreds to thousands of eager gamers lined up trying to get their hands on the device. If you didn’t get in line by about 9am, you were out of luck.

Nintendo is doing everything they can to ship as many consoles as possible to the retailers within a few days. This is one of the biggest launches since the Wii and I feel its only going to get bigger with the worldwide release in March. Nintendo 3DS ships March 27th in the U.S for $249.99 and 18 launch titles to back it up. You can get the system in 2 different colors at launch; Cosmo Black or Aqua Blue. If you plan to purchase the system, I’d suggest getting a pre-order as soon as possible. I’ve had mine since last month and I’m looking forward to doing as much coverage of the console as possible when it comes here to the States.

Stay tuned for more 3DS news!