Opera has been the power source behind previous Nintendo console browsers. The original DS used Opera and later on a more powerful Opera web browser was made for Wii and 3DS. It was pretty decent software ,but lacked many web-based applications and plugins.

It should come at no surprise that Nintendo is implementing a web browser into the 3DS, however, Opera won’t be the default browser this generation. Nintendo has turned to NetFront. The NetFront browser supports Flash and HTML5, previously unsupported by DS and DSi. The Wii had Flash Lite 3, which is a technology that can play YouTube and Blip.tv videos and also played web-based flash games. Years ago I even successfully played Club Penguin on the Wii, using the Wii mote as the curser to control my character in mini-games. Now of course I don’t play Club Penguin anymore, but that was then.

Its not confirmed yet if Nintendo will enable the Flash and HTML5 support on the 3DS, although the processing power is there to do so. Nintendo can choose whether they want to delete or keep certain functions in NetFront’s technology,but lets keep our fingers cross that it will support Flash and HTML5.

Nintendo 3DS will not launch with the browser. Nintendo has confirmed it will be available the same time the eShop is out in May via a firmware update.