As a Technium post pointed out, the Kindle is rapidly dropping in price since October 2009. John Walkenbach had even noticed that the price was falling so much so that he could forecast the date that the Kindle would be free: November 2011.

Kindle Price Forcast
Picture Provided by Technium

Okay, what does this mean for the consumer? Well according to the Technium post, if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, for only $79 per year, then you should get the chance to get your hands on a kindle for free. If you don’t know what Amazon Prime is, basically you pay $79 per year and get 2 day shipping for free. But now, or rather by November 2011, you will also get a free Kindle.

Now of course the plan to give away kindle to every Prime subscriber is only a rumor posted by Michael Arrignton over at TechCrunch. Which he posted:

In January Amazon offered select customers a free Kindle of sorts – they had to pay for it, but if they didn’t like it they could get a full refund and keep the device. It turns out that was just a test run for a much more ambitious program. A reliable source tells us Amazon wants to give a free Kindle to every Amazon Prime subscriber.

So now it is time to hear from the community, if this does happen and prime subscribers do get a free kindle. Will you get the Kindle? Please leave your comments below this post. With that I am done, thank you for reading. If you would like to email me and let me know what you thought of this post you can. Until next post, peace out.