I am going to review some of my favorite headphones, the Ematic Wireless Headphones. The headphones come with the headset and a transmitter. Some of the reviews on Walmart say that there is no power adapter for the transmittter, which is false, the transmitter does come with a USB power adapter. Basically you power the transmitter which has the red and white audio jacks and it has an adapter for a standard headphone jack. So you just plug it up to power and to whatever device you want to listen to (computers, MP3 players, gaming consoles, etc). The headphones themself have a on/off volume wheel to turn, it also has a reset and scan button. The headphones have a FM radio also. So you just need to tune to the transmitter to hear the volume.

The headphones also come with a male to male cable for the headphones, this is to either use the microphone on the transmitter or to plug the headphones to the headphone jack not using power.

The transmitter has a few options, you can use the Wireless Earphone setting to hear the sounds from a device, use the monitor function to walk away from the transmitter and hear what is going on around it, and it has a Audio Chat function which uses the microphone.

I absolutely recommend these headphones, I have used them ever since I got them, one thing I do recommend is to get some rechargeable triple A batteries. I have gotten them and kept them charged and it makes a big difference, you can tell when the batteries are dying because it makes static. The only problem I have with these headphones is sometimes if there is interference (I tried using them at band practice and it was connecting to the wireless microphone we were using) and it doesn’t work very well. But everything else is great. I also got these for Christmas but they are only 20$ at Walmart.