If there was ever a time to be active on Twitter, it was last night. Internet celebrity and entrepreneur, Chris Pirillo, went on a retweet rampage. In case you don’t know who Chris is, he is a former TechTV host and is the founder of Lockergnome blogging network. If you follow Chris on Twitter, then you know it is next to impossible to get a mention (let alone a retweet) from him. But that changed last night.

Twitter became a madhouse around late last night with Chris shooting retweets to those who mentioned him. As soon as I saw all the commotion, I decided to jump on the band wagon to see if I could earn my 15 minutes of fame. So I spent at least a half hour, if not more, pounding out my best material (including Chris’ @chrispirillo Twitter handle of course) to see if I could earn the right to have the lockergnome retweet me.

Every time I blasted a tweet his way, I waited anxiously staring at my timeline whizzing by to see if that tweet would be the one to cross Pirillo’s path. One after another after another, nothing. I even tuned into his live stream to see what he was doing not answering my tweets. He was staring at his screen, laughing his butt off at all of the tweets directed at him. He laughed so hard he actually fell out of his chair.

By this time many people were questioning his sanity, wondering if his Twitter account was hacked, and even went to the extreme thinking he was using some sort of auto retweet app. But this tweet from him after the chaos cleared that notion up:

Getting slightly frustrated because of this, I started ranting about I was not getting any retweet love from Chris. All those tweets that he sees and he doesn’t even catch one of mine? Fellow Twitter followers that had yet to get a retweet soon joined in with me and we sang one sad song…then it happened.

I had finally struck oil! Not really of course, but you get what I mean. I had finally received my first retweet from Chris. for a moment I even thought I heard angels rejoicing, but I quickly realized that it was my noisy laptop fan. I could finally chalk this one up with tweets from @katarmstrong, @kellyhclay, and a tweet I later received from @scobleizer (a follow soon came from him as well.) Still waiting on a few others though.

Speaking of Robert Scoble. Because of Chris’ rampage, he ended up donating $200 to the Red Cross to help with efforts in the New Zealand earthquake aftermath. Way to go!

It goes without saying that it was a good way to end my night. If you missed out, then you missed what may have been a once in a lifetime opportunity. Though you never can predict what Chris Pirillo will do next. Keep you eyes open!


As a bonus, here are some of my non-winning retweets (as well as some of the images from above)  for you viewing pleasure ;)