Today I am going to be reviewing the Syba USB Virtual 7.1 Sound Card. The sound card is about the size of a flash drive. It can be used as a sound card or a secondary sound card. I originally bought this for DJing to use it as an output for headphones. My friend currently has this and he is using it for his computer that does not have a sound card.

The sound card plugs into the computer via USB and it contains a jack for headphones or speakers and a jack for a microphone. It also had mute for the speakers and a mute for the microphone. The card also has volume controls. The light indicators include a microphone mute status and an activity light. This does not require any software, it is just plug in and it works.

I do recomend this product for anyone who needs a primary or secondary sound card. This card does work and it definitly worth the money. I had this item shipped from Walmart’s website for about 14$.