I know, I know. The topic sounds ridiculous right? Well, I happen to agree with you. Well this all started last Sunday night when I had gone to a friend’s apartment after coming from a birthday dinner for another friend’s 21st birthday. So while at the apartment, it was decided that we all would play some Zombies in a private match arena. Here is where I should note that this is my first time even playing this game seeing I don’t even own a PS3 (I know, shame on me right?) Anyway, we fired up the black beauty and started pumping lead into the undead.

As time went on, I started to notice that my head was hurting. See, it isn’t entirely unusual for me to get headaches on Sundays. I guess playing video games in the dark didn’t help too much. So I proceeded to do nothing about it.

So hours had gone by and the pain grew. Yet I was still knifing and sniping away at the soulless Nazi’s and all other unearthly creatures that showed up. Then I started to notice something. My head wasn’t hurting as much as it was earlier. Perhaps my sympathy pains for my in-game characters’ repeated deaths had nulled the physical pain I was feeling. Whatever the case, that didn’t stop my enjoyment of the game.

By the time I got home just after midnight. The headache was, for the  most part, gone. Just to be safe, I took some nighttime meds to take care of what was left of the headache and knock me out.

Thus ends my tale of the time Zombies cured my headache. Hey, maybe cancer is next?