Have you ever been on minecraft servers that just lag or have rude and annoying people on there?

Then you need MCTSR! The MCTSR reviews , rates and shows how good or bad  a server is from ratings 1 -5 and then explain how well or bad the server is run. MCTSR [ Minecraft the server reviews ] do weekly review videos on the servers that people request to be reviewed. The website is run by  Chad Dunbar. A professional web designer. Chad Dunbar has created the MCTSR site by hand,  Witch shows aload of excellent  talent.

MCTSR Server Spawn

MCTSR has its own server administrated by [Minecraft Usernames]: ZombieTracker,DoubleATheMan, TheSystem (Me), And of course ChadTheDJ (Chad Dunbar). MCTSR’s Server has been in the progress of new refurbishing  everything and making everything new and unique. Unfortunately that means alot of downtime in till everything is complete but Chad Dunbar said that the deadline is latests next week. Although it is unique that does mean it needs to be white-listed.If you want to be apart of this wonderful adventures then you can sign up here.[Link to be added].

There are allot of fantastic people in the community and loads of help to each other. Although some of us do not see eye – to – eye on curtain things we always find away around it. Everyone in the forums are very active and kind. Indeed i am happy to be apart on this community of MCTSR. If you want to see the reviews that Chad Dunbar does then click here

MCTSR Forums